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Jasper by Rachel

Jasper by Rachel

Jasper John arrived earthside at 2.32pm on the 25th September 2017 weighing 9lb 1oz ❤️ There were times in those last few weeks of pregnancy that I honestly thought he would never come out! He seemed way too cozy in there and I had barely any signs of labour! Until 8.30am at exactly 41 weeks, my waters broke in a huge gush all over the floor of my oldest boys room. I remember thinking 'wow I've totally just peed myself..' and then 'oh god that's not pee!'.

I called my mum at that point because I wasn't quite sure if contractions were going to start straight away after my waters had broken like they did with my first baby, so she came over and cleaned my carpet for me (thanks mum 😂) and took my oldest boy out for the morning, all while I'm wondering what's going to happen since 45 mins had gone by and still not even a slight cramp!


At 10.30 I finally started getting some mild contractions so I had a one-man dance party by myself on a Monday morning in the living room, just keeping my body moving and attempting to 'time' my contractions. For the next 2 1/2 hours I kept on walking, dancing, moving and just listening to my body, and contractions never really got too intense, just closer together. We called the midwife just before 1.30pm to say we were heading to the birthing centre. 


At this point, my partner Brenden was insisting that we get in the car and go and I was really second guessing if we should! 😬 I wanted to labour at home as long as possible like I did with my first baby and I still wasn't feeling totally ready to go in, but we went anyway. And I'm so glad we did. In the car on the way to the birth center, my contractions ramped up the volume like next level. Holy crap I literally thought I was having a car baby! Intense contractions in the car were absolute hell! All I wanted to do was walk around and I was stuck sitting in the damn car!


We made it to the birth center and the midwife was filling the birth pool up and that pool was looking like actual heaven. I hopped in the pool and just relaxed right into the water. Tension melted away and I was able to just focus on breathing my baby down and blowing super attractive horse lips at Brenden to 'relax my cervix' and release tension in my body (it actually works!). I remember just acknowledging and breathing through the pressure and visualizing my body 'opening' at each contraction.


Just 50 minutes after we arrived at the birth center Jasper was born with no active pushing, just breathing and listening to my body. All the worries and fears I had about not being able to love a second baby as much as the first completely went out the window! The moment I lifted him up out of the water and held him against my chest, I was overwhelmed with love. Jasper has expanded our hearts and slotted so nicely into our family! He's the perfect addition to our wolf pack and now I just can't imagine life without him! ☺️✨