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Secrets in the night

Secrets in the night

So we I hope all of my posts don’t start off with the words “we didn’t sleep again”, but right now it’s our reality. 


But, some of my most beautiful memories of you indigo are in the night. 


When you (finally) fall asleep and we are chest to chest, I’m reminded that you feel safest here, and honestly, I love you being there. And I want you to always feel safe in mummy’s arms. Feeling your soft little hands against my skin, your home. Our hearts beating together. 


One of the most beautiful moments, your first real smile for me happened in the night. Just the two of us awake, everyone finally still, again, heart to heart, you look up and smile at me. Everything melted in that moment. It was the day you turned 6 weeks old. Just you and me , it feels like we have a special bond, where we share secrets in the night. I love these precious moments of just you and I. 


Part of me always little Indi. You are everything I’ve dreamed of and more.


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