About us

The story behind Wolfe & Willow

Wolfe & Willow started with a vision; To provide mothers, babies and all family members a series of alternative, thoughtful, and relevant products that will contribute to the joy of raising a family, whilst limiting the impact on the environment, and providing natural alternatives that are better for our customers.
Owner, Rhiannon Cooper-Brown has always had a passion for natural health, children and eco products, so she started this company to create a space for women and mothers-to-be to feel beautiful, special, and create a conscious awareness of what products they are using.
Being a New Zealander married to an Australian, Rhiannon wanted to bring a part of her home country to Australia, sourcing New Zealand and Australian made products designed to make women feel beautiful.
Wolfe and Willows' name reflects the vision: Wolves are protective of their litter and a symbol of guardianship. Female wolves are excellent animal mothers, who actually demonstrate many of the same stages of preparing for motherhood that human mothers do. Willow trees symbolise strong stable structures, they represent stability and support.
Wolfe & Willow carefully source brands who support the environment, they enjoy relationships with producers who focus on using natural fibres, organic and environmental friendly ingredients, and homemade products that are made with love.
Please enjoy.